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Inducted into the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame in 2009


My very best friends call me Gaz -- a childhood nickname which is short for Garry.

The name Garry is ancient (probably Celtic in origin) and means Spear Thrower.

The name Archer is English for the occupation of my Medieval ancestors. My ancestors could well have fought in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 A.D. when the English army lead by King Henry V defeated the French on their own soil. The archers, famed for their powerful longbows, were the key elements in the victory.

Archer is probably derived from L'Archier which may have been imported into England during the Norman Conquest of 1066 A.D. The Normans ("norse men" or "north men") were Vikings who settled in northern France in what, today, we call Normandy.

I might be tempted to assume, therefore, that my ancestors can probably be traced back through Viking lineage. DNA testing reveals I am about 8% Scandanavian!

* About Me *

About Me
updated 22-Sep-2019

* Britain in the USA *

British Embassy in the USA
 My football (soccer) teams I support:

* Royal Crest *

The British Monarchy -- The Official Web Site

* Gresley Football Club *

Gresley Football Club (formerly Gresley Rovers FC)
Official club Website

* British Army *

The British Army -- The Official Web Site

* Derby County Football Club *

Derby County Football Club
From the Wikipedia Website (other links keep changing or being added)

* Royal Navy *

The Royal Navy -- The Official Web Site
Websites I have created and administered:

* Royal Air Force *

The Royal Air Force -- The Official Web Site

* Shoreline Adult Soccer League *

Shoreline Adult Soccer League, Inc. (updated continuously)
Connecticut's Premier Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60 Soccer Leagues

* Shoreline Adult Soccer League *

Connecticut State Soccer Association (updated continuously)
Connecticut's football association for adults

* Coach Archer / Youth Soccer *

Coach Archer
Coaching youth soccer teams aged from U-6 to U-15 (autumn 1991 to spring 2003)

Rest in Peace, my dear beloved Mother, Father and Son:
James Ronald Archer
(29th October, 1925 - 1st July, 2007, aged 81 years 8 months)
Barbara Jessie Agnes Archer
(14th August, 1928 - 23rd June, 2008, aged 79 years 10 months)
James Duncan Archer (14th February, 1986 - 24th March, 2018, aged 32 years 1 month)